Music Video Now on Youtube

Celebrating the launch of my Youtube channel, I have finished work on my very first music video! Click on the screenshot above to view it. I chose the song “I Want To Be Free” from my new album Sounds Like Jazz because the visual concept I had in mind for it was simple enough toContinue reading “Music Video Now on Youtube”

The World Needs Change

I’ve been saying for weeks that the world seems poised to go right from the COVID era and straight into war… My music on the album Sounds Like Jazz is not just about jazz. There is a bit of activism built into some of it. I’ve said the music is infused with lyrical themes ofContinue reading “The World Needs Change”

I’m Live on Youtube.

Sounds Like Jazz is not only available on Bandcamp. I’m now on Youtube and other streaming platforms. What you find on Youtube is not my official artist channel. The way Youtube works for artists who have a first release, I actually can’t claim an official channel until I have a distributor send a new releaseContinue reading “I’m Live on Youtube.”

Sounds Like Jazz is Now Released!

I decided to release my new album, Sounds Like Jazz, on Bandcamp two days before it goes live on Amazon, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Youtube and other streaming platforms. If you’re not familiar with Bandcamp, it’s a great community for finding new artists and has become an important source for independent musicians to release theirContinue reading “Sounds Like Jazz is Now Released!”