KUNM Radio Picked Up My New Album

Peter Flaire has been played over the airwaves of Albuquerque and livestreamed on the KUNM website. The University of New Mexico KUNM Radio Music Director who hosts a show “Ear To the Ground” spotlighting local New Mexico musical artists has compared my music to jazz artists Ben Sidran and Mose Allison. After hearing Sounds Like Jazz he wrote to me, “Your work here is extraordinary — I can’t believe you can get such sax phrasing w/o actually playing the instrument!” He’s referring to the tenor saxophone you hear in the recordings, which are the sounds of a real saxophone but played as a MIDI sampled instrument on a keyboard. Takes a lot of practice to get that right, and it’s the kind of technology available to producers such as myself to transform their visions into high quality recordings.

My sincere thanks goes out to KUNM.

Published by peterflaire

Aspiring jazzer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and indie producer releasing music with soul that speaks to the heart spoken through the language of jazz. You can find me at BandCamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, and Deezer.

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