I’ve Got a Fan!

Now that my new album, Sounds Like Jazz [jazz/soul/pop], is released and available on BandCamp, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, and Deezer, as an independent artist the arduous work of getting the word out about the music has begun. The internet is filled with opportunities, but you really need to find the right sources that provide a chance to share your music so others can get interested. You could be the best songwriter in the world but you’ll remain obscure until enough people actually find out who you are.

I was once optimistic enough to believe if you’ve got a song that’s potentially a hit then once released to the public there could be no stopping it, as if people would discover it automatically. That was wishful thinking — in part a misunderstanding of how when AM/FM radio was more popular if a new song got airplay people eventually found out about it. The internet has changed this, and with millions of independent artists now promoting their own music you cannot simply rely on those who have heard it to spread the news.

I’m finding many of the people who have offered feedback about some of the songs on my new album are musicians themselves who have their own projects. That’s great because it provides a reality check on what I think about my own music, provides examples of a first impression (which I can’t have anymore), and helps me understand what exactly people like about it.

Here are some examples of the comments I’ve received at Reddit over the past week on two songs that appear on my new album, Sounds Like Jazz:

On the song, “Six Feet Closer”
Source: Reddit

“Production-wise, it is clean, the voice is superbly accomplished, and the vibe is definitely what it should be!”

“Fantastic! A topical, cheeky song with an upbeat tempo and great melody. Well done! That’s going to be stuck in my head for a bit. Way to go.”

“…well played and well recorded and definitely gives me a cool throwback vibe that contrasts nicely with the modern subject matter.”

On the song “Change
Source: Reddit

“Beautiful. Love your sound and sense of style. Keep ’em coming.”

“The recording quality of this is fantastic. Really dug the song. It reminded me of some classic 70s jazzy rock.”

“Beautiful composition to listen to while taking a relaxed walk by the sea on a sunny day… i like.”

Yesterday, someone on Reddit even asked, “Where can I support your work?” After about a week of posting there those words were incredibly encouraging.

That’s the bright side of it, for now. Not every subReddit is friendly about posting a link to your music, and some will even ban you if you try to do it. So if you’re a musician reading this make sure you read the rules for each subReddit before you try. The one linked above is fantastic. See you there!

Lots more for me to do. Onward to Twitter!

If you see my music out there on Youtube, like the song New Wheels, if you like what you hear please click the Like button to give it a thumbs-up. That means a lot to new artists. Thank you for your support!

Published by peterflaire

Aspiring jazzer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and indie producer releasing music with soul that speaks to the heart spoken through the language of jazz. You can find me at BandCamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, and Deezer.

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