I’m Live on Youtube.

Sounds Like Jazz is not only available on Bandcamp. I’m now on Youtube and other streaming platforms. What you find on Youtube is not my official artist channel. The way Youtube works for artists who have a first release, I actually can’t claim an official channel until I have a distributor send a new release to Youtube two more times. But I’ve still got my own website!

If you prefer to check out Sounds Like Jazz on Youtube…Be my guest! Subscribe, Share it, Like it. Click the button. Thank you for your support.

You can preview the entire album on Bandcamp. You can follow me on Bandcamp and download the music. Click the button below.

Published by peterflaire

Aspiring jazzer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and indie producer releasing music with soul that speaks to the heart spoken through the language of jazz. You can find me at BandCamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, and Deezer.

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